Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Persephone Grey

Progress has been made on the house! I'm not sure that I've had a major (positive) update like this to share since the hallway, all the way back in July. It's always tough to photograph our house, since all of the rooms are quite small, but I hope that I can do it justice. Our master bedroom, which was previously seafoam green, full of cracks and scuffs, and bedecked with frilly curtains, is now cleaned and patched and painted the color of grey of a persephone book cover (I just went to my paint guy, who is the best paint guy in the world, and asked him for a grey the same color that he'd made the primer for another room -- and it's lovely, don't you think?)

I realize now that that photo above may be a bit confusing -- that thing in the lower left corner, at the foot of the bed, is my cedar trunk -- it's just the exact color of the floor and so kind of makes it look like the floor overlaps the door somehow. The door up there on the right goes into the study and the other out into the second floor hallway.

Now for some before and after:

This is the "before" photo of the same corner as the photo of the chair at the top of the post. It was taken almost exactly a year ago, when we were just looking at the house.

This above little tiny pressed-flower artwork (which I love -- it's from my favorite antique store in my hometown) is hanging in the little space between the closet door and the wall with the windows which you can see in the "before" photo above, thus making these two photos a kind of set.

An immediate "before". The other before shot was taken just after purchase of the house back in January but this one is just from a few days ago. Those white smudges are patching of some of the cracks.

And the fourth corner (below). I don't have a good "before" photo to pair with this one so I'll just let it stand alone. This corner did have the biggest crack of all though -- it went all the way through to the hallway (the door to the hallway is just outside of the frame of the photo, to the right -- that's it reflecting in the mirror).


Kristina Strain said...

That is truly a beautiful color! Great choice. My husband and I are just embarking on home renovations of our own. We haven't made it as far as picking paint colors, but we're getting close!

Sweetfern Handmade

Anonymous said...

Woah, that was some seafoam green. It looks great, I really like that you have kept the doors; it's such a travesty when perfectly lovely wooden doors get painted.

Leila said...

Thanks to you both!

Kristina -- we're certainly not to paint in most of the other rooms so it's nice to get to paint the ones that are ready to offset the wires dangling from the ceilings in the others.

Mallory -- if it's possible, I think the green was even more intense in person. Especially when placed next to the 2 (different shades of) pink rooms and the blue room on the same floor. It was like living in an easter egg.

Some of our doors downstairs were painted previously and I'm having quite the time trying to figure out what to do with them for the same reasons you state.