Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hallway Update

As promised, I have a few photos of the completed hallway redo/cleanup. It's now kind of a gallery but I don't think that we can get away with calling it that. It'll just continue to be the hallway.


That last one is really from inside the study looking back at the hallway (and no, you don't have triple-vision -- there really are that many doors in that corner!) but I think it best captures the corner where the shelf is now. The window on the hall landing is just blocked by the doorway on the right in this last photo. Hope that helps to orient you!

After: (I have to apologize for the darkness of these photos -- it looks better without the flash but it is a fairly dark hallway, with its one window shaded by the One Big Tree)

(this one is looking back into that door that the last "before" photo was taken through)

(How do you like that glimpse of the Pepto-Bismol Bathroom there at the top? I assure you that the decoration of that bathroom is the reason we bought the house.)

We removed the odd bits of furniture left behind and the excess handrails (the ones mounted to the walls), patched all of the cracks in the plaster (mostly occuring around the said handrails), painted everything light sage green, and hung most of our large collection of family photos/memorabilia. You might recognize some of the pictures from our apartment. They are large and difficult to move but they'd be the things we'd grab, were there a fire and we could only take a few things.

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Lasso the Moon said...

Looks good! And do please share pictures of the bathroom.