Monday, July 5, 2010

A Great July 4th

I hope that those of you who celebrated yesterday had a great time. We definitely did. Even though it's our first year here, we've been lucky enough to meet some fantastic people, some of whom invited us to a party out at their house. They have a pond where we were able to swin, bunnies we petted, a gorgeous house we hung out around, and a field where there was a fireworks display.

I was always sad on July 4th in Brooklyn because we couldn't really find a place from which to see the fireworks without being in the middle of crowds and crowds of people and we'd had a nice, quiet 4th of July tradition in Oklahoma that I missed.

This was a promising start for the holiday here.


Mr Lonely said...

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Wonderfallz said...

I thought about heading up your way for July 4th. Next year I need to do that. Brooklyn is too depressing for fireworks. I heard them in my neighborhood all night but they were not in front of my window until 2:00 AM. I would have been excited if it were 4 hours earlier.