Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Yard Sale Wrap Skirt

I started this skirt from Weekend Sewing last summer but then got very lazy when it came to doing the hand-stitching on the hem. There wasn't a problem with the pattern or anything. It was fantastic and easy-to-follow. I just don't really like making clothing (I think this is the first piece I've ever actually finished) and was lazy about it. The skirt languished until Sunday, when I wanted to wear it to the Fourth of July Party. Then I spent the entire time while Patrick was baking cookies to take to the party hemming the skirt. I'm glad to have finally finished it!

Bonus photo of the tasty cookies! They're from my favorite recipe in my Once Upon a Tart cookbook (I love that cafe -- too bad that Purl isn't next door to it any more).

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