Thursday, May 6, 2010

Window Film Versus Fabric

As I know I've mentioned before, every window in this house, when we moved in, had a minimum of 2 layers of curtains/window shades, in most cases 3 layers. And, of course, the bathrooms were no exception.

Before and After.

I read about this idea on Melissa's blog two years ago when she first posted about it but I wasn't sure about how it would hold up so when I decided to redo the bathroom window coverings, I decided to buy some manufactured window film. This was, for me, a big mistake. I just could not manage to make that window film lay down flat. It's all bubbled and funny looking (it's in the downstairs half-bath but I don't have a photo of that one just now). Although I do like how much light it lets through the window. So that's its plus side. But if I were to have to choose again, I'd choose the fabric-and-starch method every time.

When Melissa posted her fabric idea again, with an update on how hers was holding up, I had to try it. I did everything exactly according to Melissa's instructions. It looked funny and blotchy for a little while (photo above) but, by the time the starch had dried, I felt very happy with it. The only place I deviated from what she said she'd done was to trim the edges with a razor rather than marking the edges and removing the fabric to trim it with scissors -- I just didn't want that extra step so I trimmed it in place. In case you're wondering, here's a link to the fabric I used.
The room is now much more bright and cheery although, unfortunately, still bubblegum pink and with formica sheets glued to the walls and peeling down.
Thanks to Melissa for the great instructions! I don't know how she has time to figure these things out with her three children but I'm certainly happy that she does!

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reynolf oliveros said...

can you define any further the formica sheets ? I am still in vague about the topic though.