Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Over the Past Weekend

Some more great friends came to visit (photos of their room soon to come -- hopefully the sunny weather will hold out so I can get some good shots this afternoon). Coffee was consumed (by most) from the new Italian coffee maker given as a housewarming by generous friends the weekend before. (Patrick has always used an electric percolator -- which isn't supposed to make good coffee anyway -- which I bought for him for his high school graduation!)

Impatens were planted in the sadly neglected window box (when we moved in, it contained 10-year-old fake greenery).

A cute old bench was found in the basement and given a shady new home under the One Big Tree.

A lawnmower was purchased and the "lawn" mowed by Patrick (as you can see, there really isn't much grass but it was still growing quite long).

Poppies were identified (by the ever-wonderful Melissa) and promptly, upon being given proper recognition and a proper weeding, burst into full bloom.

Lilac bushes were admired, in lieu of our own giant lilac bush at the corner which had to go.

Walks were enjoyed.

And ice cream consumed.

And, last but not least, a compost bin was built (according to the directions in this current favorite). We managed to buy only 1 sheet of plywood for the whole project, using salvaged lumber for the rest. We also found a gallon of orange exterior paint which had been abandonned at the paint store and was subsequently sold to us at a steep discount. More photos to come when I've managed to paint the completed bin (when finished, it will have 3 tiers like the one shown here, plus the lid, which does, since this photo was taken, have a complete roof).

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