Saturday, May 8, 2010

Giving My Scissors a Workout

I'm finally making a log cabin quilt! I've always been fascinated by log cabin quilts (my parents even have one made by my great-grandmother) but never quite had the right inspiration / spot for one. But now I'm going full-steam ahead! The color-scheme is based on this stained glass window which we saw in Paris last fall (I know, terribly silly to look at Tiffany glass in Paris when there is far more of it to be found in NYC but it was still fun to see even though it was a tiny exhibit). The internet photo doesn't really show the colors off to full advantage but you can use your imagination to see that the glass is actually golden yellow and peachy pink.
It's all going to be cut into strips soon (except for the neutrals in the middle which will be the center sqares for the cabins) and I'll have to have my scissors sharpened.
The quilt will eventually be for my daybed (my 10th birthday gift) which is currently at my parents' house in Oklahoma. How I will get it to Upstate New York is yet to be determined but I figure that the quilt will take some time so maybe I'll have time to come up with a plan.

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