Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Red and Pink Weekend

One of our overgrown bushes (although we plan to keep this one! -- we've cut down about 6 others which were less attractive.) Does anyone have any idea of what kind of plant this is? (eta: It is a Flowering Quince -- thanks Melissa!)

*This is, by the way, the view from the TV Room window.

A honey bee in the mysterious pink-blossoming bush Flowering Quince. I find the number of bees in this bush highly encouraging as I only yesterday received my seed packet for The Great Sunflower Project.

A pink flower pot from Liberty of London for Target. It will soon have basil planted in it (I need to either find a Dremmel Tool to borrow or some gravel to put in the bottom before I plant any seeds as this is one of the all-too-often-found pots without a drain hole.)

A new, pink English Daisy -- the first flower in the newly-dug flower bed. Although we also planted a lot of seeds. It is nice to have at least 2 (we have 2 English Daisies) actually flowering flowers instead of just a spot in the yard of dark dirt.
I'd never seen an English Daisy before but they are rapidly becoming a favorite. These tiny little flowers are only about an inch across.

Our one and only big, real tree is starting to grow some red leaves.

A stoneware paint pot (complete with handle) with a reddish-browinsh transfer from the Red Barn "Flea Market". We'd seen the sign for the Flea Market on 17b almost every day and always meant to go and check it out. It turns out to be a completely fantastic garage sale in a lady's red barn, more than an actual flea market. But completely full of treasures. We bought another green glass lampshade for our planned de-fluorescenting (we have those industrial-style, large, in-drop-ceiling lights just now) of our kitchen.

And the peach tree continues to blossom!


bridgmanpottery said...

it is a flowering quince- reliable bloomer and the bees love it, esp because it is often an early bloomer.

Leila said...

It is so impressive when people can identify things just from vague photos. Thanks for the info!

One mystery, inherited plant down, ten to go (but at least I know a lilac bush)!