Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Photo by David Azia for the New York Times

To be honest, I rarely pay any attention at all to the "featured" stories any of the places that I visit frequently, like my e-mail or flickr. But today the blog post on the main page at flickr caught my eye. And I was so happy that it did that I couldn't help but share it here too!

I love miniatures, in just about any form (I even like cross-stitching at a tiny stitch-count just because I like the small things it produces) and this obviously has to include dollhouses. I've been known to go hugely out of my way on vacation just to visit collections of miniatures I read about and my favorite museum as a child was my favorite just because it contained a HUGE miniature house. So there. Now you know. I am one of those people.

As anyone can see just by taking a look at one photo of my house, Modern is not my style. Not at all. But these Modern Dollhouses written about on the NYTimes are just about the coolest miniatures I've ever seen. I love the idea that they are so geometric that the collectors can build things for their houses themselves. I have always wanted to design and build a dollhouse, from the ground up. This could just be the inspiration for a new project! (someday, when my real house is a bit more under control, of course)

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