Saturday, February 20, 2010

Painted Panelling, Part 2

A photo of the panelling painted and a little bit of furniture in the room! It is terribly difficult to take a photo of a room made up of four impossible walls -- one has a huge window in it, one looks through to the mess of the kitchen, one is covered by the television and its inappropriate "stand" (dresser found on the street in Williamsburg) and mess of wires, and the last looks through a door with glass windows onto another huge window. So here is my edited version of our "tv room", complete with painted panelling. We still want to paint the trim ("cottage green") but this room is largely finished!

I feel that it is impossible not to point out our new lampshade, purchased just yesterday from a jaunt to anthropologie in SoHo. You know how new purchases are.

The eponymous tv of "tv room" is, of course, what the sofa is looking at. You can feel free to imagine how lovely it is, sitting in its stand that Patrick built for it (which doesn't yet exist). It has cabinet doors picked up at some great local antique store (they've yet to be found).

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