Friday, June 13, 2008

Two Finished Scarves

I know it's been in the nineties in New York this week but you just can't stop a knitter! No amount of heat seems to discourage me from knitting away. Or from getting out on my stoop to have the projects photographed (you should have seen the looks we were getting!)

Cream of Spinach Scarf

How do you like the little t-shirt, bulky scarf look? Maybe I'll start a new trend (or not!) Don't ask me what I was doing with my arms. That's just how they fell.

This scarf began in early May and finished yesterday evening. It is some very nice, semi-solid Blue Sky Alpaca which seems to work well with the pattern to have a nice drape. Or at least that's how I choose to see it! I hope my grandmother likes it. In 6 months. Well, now there are only about a dozen or so more gifts to make. . .

Jury Duty Scarf

This is the scarf that I was using to demonstrate the double-knitting tips. I think it's one of my favorite scarves I've ever made for myself. I'm sure it will be getting some use. When it's a little colder, maybe. Like it was at the courthouse this week. It was jury-duty time for me on Monday and Tuesday! And, if you've not been before (as I hadn't), let me suggest an engrossing pattern to work on because you will find yourself sitting for hours. Not that I have a problem with jury duty, in theory. Just with all of the waiting about that is involved. But look at the work that got finished! (I think I did at least 1/3 of this scarf during those 2 days — not to mention reading about 100 pages of Posession which is fantastic so far.)

I've included a chart this time, just in case anyone is enamored with my pattern and would like to give it a shot. Also, I'd like to add a tip on how to set up the double knitting: you should cast on the number of stitches, based on your gage, for how wide you'd like for your piece to be. Then, on the first knitted row, knit into the front and purl into the back of each stitch. So the purls will become one side of the scarf and the knits the other. This chart has to be knitted on both sides simultaneously (so, in other words, knit each box of the chart twice, once with the knit [in color A] and once with the purl [in color B] in each pair of stitches — Each side will be the exact reverse, color-wise, of the other side).


Wonderfallz said...

Is the Alpaca your "hip hop" yarn? :) I love the double knit scarf it looks fantastic! When I get some of my projects finished you will have to come over and help me photo shoot them.

Alisa said...

Lovely! Thank you for the colour chart.