Monday, May 19, 2008

Works in Progress (more)

You'd think I'd have a finished work to post at some point but that isn't happening today! And it seems that I've not yet had 2 posts on the same topic. But I'm sure that I'll get to that at some point as well. But, for now, on to another new subject. . .

Knitting AND crocheting, all in one!

I just hope that my friend whose baby's birthday is coming up and my grandmother continue to be unable to use the internet because I am posting about their gifts this time.

This year I am behind on birthday presents (this panda needs to be done and in Oklahoma by June 6th) but WAY ahead on Christmas gifts. This scarf is from the cream of spinach pattern from Stitch Marker and it is both fun and fast to make. I read several times that it is an easily-memorized pattern and, boy, is that an understatement! It only took 2 rows of confusion to get the hang of it and now I'm clipping along (I have about 4 feet after about 2 evenings' worth of work). It's also being done with some great alpaca/merino (blue sky) which was leftover from another project and so I'm happy about that as well as the fact that Christmas is still 7 months away and I've actually got a head start this year.

And as for the panda, don't find the disembodied head too creepy! I certainly do. At least I tried to crop most of the disturbing part out by getting close enough so as not to have the head floating in the frame to frighten small children. I am just so excited about how he is turning out that I had to go ahead and put him up here. I'll try to have a less creepy, bodied panda to post after knitting group on Wednesday. He is from one of the great amigurumi patterns in the new Knit.1 Green Issue.

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Wonderfallz said...

OK even the panda as a final product (I peeked at the Knit1 site) is a little creepy!