Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Salt and Pep!

My Aunt will have to be blamed for this one. It's all that I can say for myself. I've started collecting salt and pepper shakers. I'm limiting myself on this one though. Only the slightly disturbing figural shakers will be allowed. Meet Salt and Pep! (The latter must always be followed by an exclamation point as it is creepier that way):

They are a vintage Japanese set that I bought on a spur-of-the-moment trip to Cape Cod in February (yes, I know that that sounds odd but we LOVE the Cape and felt like having a trip so off we went. In Februrary. At least it turned out to be a more mild weekend than when we went in January in 2003).

These are the funny little pair that started it all. They were given to me as a lovely going away gift when I moved from Oklahoma to New York. From my Aunt who shares my obsession for strange and wonderful things. Apparently they are from a 1930's cartoon strip and their names are Maggie and Jiggs. The cartoon was called Bringing Up Father and I've found a lot of information on it online. My favorite bits were here, here, and here (especially this last because it has the most photos).

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