Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shopping Fun

I know I've been bad about writing here regularly (already!) but I have a bit of an excuse this time — I've been in jury duty for the last 2 days! So in the interest of something entirely for fun, here are a couple of purchases from an extended shopping spree of the last week or so.

A bizarre bird jewelry dish from the ever-wonderful anthropologie (he's looking at me with a weird expression. . .)

My new friend Maggie from MummySam (thanks Sammi!! She's perfect! I love the way the print in the piece of fabric peeking out of her jacket looks like a tie.). . .

An addition to my fledgling salt and pepper collection (I know that I said I'd only have strange figural ones but I thought that these were just too cute to not get an exception — and they are pearlized — PEARLIZED!).

I'm completely spoiled but I'll say that it's all in the name of my birthday in a few weeks (although I know I'll be getting more great things to play with then too. . .)


sammi said...

It's lovely to see Maggie in her own environment....she was really one of my favourites :)

Leila said...

I'm glad that you saw the photo. She's standing on my favorite chair (which is, oddly, pink!) and supervising my cat, supervising the birds outside.

Thanks for the comment!

PutzFrau said...

I got the same ring holder from Anthro! I love it and it's funny because the day after I got it, it was featured in Real Simple for MOthers Day.

Oh yeah, it was probably the only thing I could afford in that store. :)