Thursday, June 10, 2010


I think I've mentioned here that I've spent most of the past three weeks working with a wonderfully helpful local antique dealer to clean out the "presents" left by my house seller in the basement, attic, and many of the closets. With the trash pick-up yesterday, we are almost finished!

In the process of doing all of this work, we've found some definite treasures, many of which went with the antique dealer but a few of which I am keeping for my own purposes or to find a good home via etsy. Today I've listed a few things over on etsy. I'll post the gems that I'm keeping myself here soon but, for now, these few things are all that I've had time to photograph.

Probably this is because the local strawberries have started to show up at the Farmer's Market and I find myself tied to my berry bowl lately.

And who could blame me, with those lovelies? Hopefully my own plants will produce something next year but, in the meantime, I'm certainly enjoying other people's plants.

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bridgmanpottery said...

sweet leila, I didn't even know you had an etsy shop! Beautiful weaving, lovely vintage finds.
have a lovely weekend!