Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Guest Room Redone

You may remember back in March when I was discussing my plans for the then lemon-yellow guestroom. Well, a mere 2 months later, just in time for "the season" (we live in a tourist town and our friends & relations are behaving accordingly -- great excuse for us to be tourists too), the plans have been (mostly) executed!

All of the furniture was either left behind in the house or repurposed/found old furniture of ours so I only had to buy paint and fabric -- my kind of a redo! I still don't approve of that ceiling fan and have plans (and fabric) for a red-and-white-triangles quilt (of my own design, hence no links to patterns -- sorry!) but this is the most-liveable room in the house, thus far.

It has a nice view of the One Big Tree and the window box of impatens.

Checked fabric for pillow shams (which were meant to go with the planned red and white quilt, not this one) from Brooklyn General. There's still a little bit of random stuff piled near the door but this room is mostly organized.

The curtains are of a combo of my favorite fabric ever (sorry, can't find a direct link at the moment) from purl and some checked linen from mood (that linen was a bear to sew!), lined with cut-up sheet. I wanted to leave the tie back in the middle of the curtain so that the gingko pattern would still show. Here's a detail on flickr.

Our new (or semi-new -- she's been with us for 2-1/2 weeks now) kitten, Beeker, approves. Especially since she can easily see out the window from the bed.


kim said...

I am loving the way your house is shaping up! I'm way behind though. Why are you no longer commuting to the City?

Leila said...

Thanks about the house! You'll have to come stay with us and see it in person.

I'm not working at Icarus any longer. Long story. See you on facebook!