Friday, September 5, 2008

Vintage Paper Swap

I was only one day late but I got my vintage papers in the mail for Abbey's Vintage Paper Swap. They are on their way to a lovely person in Australia! I hope that she finds more uses for them than I did — a lot of them were from my inadvertent stash of vintage paper things. (Inadvertent because I HAD, at one time, intended to put them to good use. But that didn't happen and didn't happen so they've moved on to a better home!)

There are also a few things in the package from the West 78th Street Greenflea which I had never been to before. This was a Bonus Outcome of this swap since I went there expressly to get some paper. And did I ever find vintage paper! There is a whole booth with nothing but vintage postcards and 2 of the most knowledgeable and friendly flea market vendors I've ever run across. I'll have to be really careful about how often I venture back over there!

I also put to good use a lot of the cute little envelopes that I have from my stationery store days (they were samples, destined for the trash, so what choice did I have but to take them home and hoarde them until I now begin to feel that I may someday put all of my mismatched envelopes (all sans cards, of course) together in one place and die when they fall and crush me!?)

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amy said...

oh my, i've never been to that flea market - but i think i must now!