Sunday, April 24, 2011

The End of Week One

I've stuck to it for one week, at least! No new projects were started and I even finished 2 "old" ones. Sure, neither of these had been sitting around for all that long but they were still on the list.

Trip Around the World Doll Quilt. Continuing my efforts to amass a collection like this one.

Flower Seeds pillow. I just love this fabric and how it matches the curtains in my craft room so it had to be a pillow. And, as an added bonus, this wool on the back is one that I love and have had for years and years (since my gung-ho rug hooking days in about 2004) but have never found a use for. Now I've used a bit of it at least!


susan said...

that is so kind of wall, eh? i like that they are smallish and vintagey looking.

susan said...

oops some kind of wall