Wednesday, March 9, 2011

First Finished Knitting Project for 2011

I actually finished something! Even working in all of the loose ends, pressing the edge pieces, and sewing on the buttons! It's the Sketchbook Cardigan from Lion Brand. I knitted it exactly as written in the pattern but here's a ravelry link anyway, in case you want more details. I love the way it turned out (although the fact that every single edge is picked up, knit double-length, turned, and sewn down to the underside made me feel a bit insane as I was doing it)! I've been wearing it every day since it was knit enough to be wearable. Even before I finished knitting the trim pieces or sewing the buttons on. I love it so much that I think that my next knitting project may just be another Lion Brand pattern that I have (I picked it up on the yarn crawl last October).

And I leave you today with a button photo. Just because I love buttons. Don't you agree that they deserve a closeup, even if it is a bit poorly focused?

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Anonymous said...

Very pretty sweater- can see why you like it! Mom