Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Great Steps in Quilting

This week I've had several quilting "breakthroughs". Which I suppose is really the fun in learning something new -- when I learn something new. When it's challenging. It's certainly tough sometimes though.

Everything's still a bit wonky but that's "handmade", right? At least that's what I like to tell myself.

To make those 3 little objects up there (the top one is a Dresden Plate doll quilt I made just because I wanted to try to make a Dresden Plate, and the bottom photo is of 2 potholders for PP5), I purchased and learned how to use a walking foot (how did I ever sew anything without one of these? It's the coolest thing ever!), really learned how to machine quilt in general (using this hugely helpful post), finally managed to make my square corners more pointy (reread Denyse Schmidt Quilts for info on that), and actually finished one of my own quilting projects (I'd finished quilting projects for swaps but not a single one of the projects I'd started for my house). Of course I still have tons of room for improvement but every little bit helps!


chezkimberly said...

leila! i just spent some time going through your last several weeks/months of posts and -- oh my goodness, i'm so impressed, excited, and inspired! great work with the quilting! one day i hope to learn, too.... and the kitchen! whoa! reminded me so much of my own house repair/remodeling drama... sometimes i miss it, sometimes i dont!
good luck on all fronts!

Jessica said...

yay! awesome!
i'm so glad you tried the walking foot. your pot holders look really cute.

Leila said...

Thanks to both of you (Kimberly and Jessica) for all of your encouragement!

ella@lifeologia said...

It's looking fabulous.
I wish we were neighbours so I could watch an learn ;)