Monday, October 18, 2010

Knitting Again

You may have noticed that I'd not been knitting much for some time. Quilting had taken over all of my spare time. But I guess that it must have been the yarn crawl, although I didn't buy much yarn on it, that sent me back to thinking about knitting. And the sheep and wool festival in Rhinebeck this past weekend was the last straw. I bought a lot of yarn. More than I'd bought in the entire past year all put together.

Last week, the week between the yarn crawl and the festival, I knitted these ornaments for the Trim the Tree swap. Then today I've started knitting this (progress pictured above) while watching this fun new find. Full of wonderful cardigans and sweaters. I forsee a lot more knitting in my future. Especially now that it's so chilly here (in the 50's over the weekend! -- fall has arrived).

planned to be socks

planned to be two pullovers (not both for myself), the finishing for a pullover begun last year, and one skein of tbd (the red-orange one)

vest for Patrick

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