Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Week of Fingerless Mitts

It seems to be fingerless mitt knitting time. Especially since it's gotten to be a bit chilly up here in the mountains and that makes me think of things like unfinished mitts at the bottom of the project box. These first mitts, however, are a new project. For a new friend. And a new (to me) thing. I've just (finally) joined ravelry and immediately joined a swap (ravelry link). Because I do love a good swap.

It's another secret swap so I can't tell you much more about the mitts at the moment, other than that they're from this pattern and they were a lot of fun to knit. I knit them in almost exactly 10 hours. I can tell you this because I was gallery sitting for a friend here in town last weekend and it was very slow at the gallery so I mostly just knit for the entire time I was there. And these mitts came of it. At least I'm ahead on the swap!

And, because I've apparently become a crazy cat lady, here is the second cat photo for this swap. Can I help it that she likes to be wherever the camera is pointed? Of course not. (And I'm not going to try!)

These ones are the wonderful Endpaper Mitts. I love fair isle knitting! But, somehow, after travelling with us to Europe a year ago and making the move to the new house 7 months ago, the mitts had fallen by the wayside, with all that was left to do being putting the fingers' ribbed trim on one and the thumb trim on both. Geez! So I pulled them out and finished them right up. Too silly!

Now my hands will be warm (and someone else's hands will be warm. . . ) just in time for fall!

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