Friday, September 3, 2010

Cozy Pieces of the House

Inspired by Amanda's Corners of My Home, today I have a few little bits photographed. Since there are few pieces of the house looking "nice" so far, it's fun for me to isolate the nice ones (or at least the ones that are nice, in my opinion) once in a while.

Please ignore the drop ceiling in the first photo. I do believe that it will come down over this long weekend. Something I do love at the top of that one is the door bell. It makes a horrible buzzing noise but it looks pretty cool. Being a real bell and all. It's called an "Edwards Buz-A-Bel".
The last picture is a few things on my mantel. There are other things on the other end of the mantel (mostly more silver stuff) but it will have to wait for another post.

Have a great weekend!


alexia said...

that stitch sampler looks intriguing!
the pumpkins! I am so excited for fall to arrive...

Leila said...

I've pretty much decided that it's October now. I didn't mean to decide that but it's happened. It got chilly a little early here so the pumpkins went up!

The sampler is all kinds of berries. I'll have to put a closer photo on flickr.