Monday, July 12, 2010

Another Great Year

Yes, it's true that my birthday was about 2 weeks ago now. But it's also true that there's been a major holiday, a heat wave, and a visit from my parents since then. And that my gifts from Patrick were delayed in the mail and didn't make it to my house until Saturday. So, even though it is rather late, I give you my "thank you" birthday post!

This photo of my gifts wrapped is a little silly but I have to mention that my two friends who have very very definite styles wrapped these two gifts for me. I didn't realize until I got home that they're both done very much in my style but not at all in either of theirs. It was very thoughtful of them! They both also, independent of one another, bought gifts for me from one of my favorite stores. How well do they know me??

I also have here a hand-goccoed birthday card, photostrips from a favorite restaurant, and several very inspiring books from a generous mother-in-law.

Patrick found out that two of my favorites were putting out new albums right around my birthday. And who couldn't be completely excited upon hearing about either of these strange concepts? I'm especially having trouble turning off the Ben Folds album. There are so many crazy little things going on with it!

I've already posted about the wonderful kitchen faucet from my parents (my aunt tells me that getting a kitchen faucet as a birthday gift makes me officially and "adult").

And then, to put it all completely over-the-top, my friend the antique dealer gave me a sofa! I was certainly quite the lucky one this year. It's been a good one! Thanks everyone (and to all of my facebook friends for all of the lovely well-wishes).

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claire said...

These presents are awesome!