Thursday, May 13, 2010

Metropolis, Again

I know this is off of my usual crafting / house topic but it is such a major event (to me) that I think it's worth mentioning.

The latest version of Metropolis, including footage found in Argentina in 2008, is spectacular! Although it seems as if each year a new version of Metropolis is released, every time with new materials, this latest footage is well worth a look. Even if you were hesitant about the 2 hour version (it is a silent film, after all) this 2.5 hour version feels shorter than any of the older versions. It makes more sense and has far better / more exciting pacing. Particularly during the sequences of the workers' revolt. Where before they tended to get a little tedious and rushed at the same time, now they are actually suspenseful. Several characters are given more clear places and functions in the plot. Not to mention the whole new dimension added by being finally able to use Fritz Lang's original score. And how often do we get to see footage from a 1927 film which was thought to be lost forever?

Well worth the trip to Film Forum, if you're in the area! (I also hear that the film is soon to play in theaters around the country)

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