Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Quest for a Desk

Patrick has always dreamed of a desk. The perfect desk. Which is perfectly reasonable, as he is a writer. The problem is that we have never had space for said desk. But that never stopped him from picking out desks every time we ran across them. Now that we have space, of course, these perfect desks have stopped crossing our path. I think that it just means that when we do find a perfect desk again, it will really be the desk but, for now, the green table left behind by the former owners of the house will just have to do.

But he doesn't mind. Especially as his study is probably the room most far along in terms of what has been done to it. (See evidence below)

And it is the room with the lovely view of the mountains and the town down the hill. Even if he is not yet looking at them from his Mission Style desk.

Although this wall on the left will be a wall of bookcases and it is currently a blank wall, the curtains for the room are sewn and hung and there is a sitting area with a small reading table. It will be quite a nice room someday but, for now, it is still one of the spots farthest along the road.

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