Monday, February 8, 2010

Valentine Swap

Although I've not been blogging for such a long time, I've been in high gear on swaps. They're just so much fun! This time I'm working on Valentines for the Crow and Canary swap I found through the BPS. I won't put the photos of the finished cards here so as not to ruin the surprise for my swap partners but I will post the directions I worked out to crochet hearts for the valentines (just a small hint won't hurt their surprise -- I hope!)

These instructions could be used with any gague of yarn and its corresponding hook although I used a very small hook (I found it in my house -- left by the previous owner, Elsie -- so I'm not sure about what size it is) and white crochet cotton. The fun though is that it doesn't matter what size the heart turns out to be -- it doesn't have to fit anyone!

ch 5
sc in 2nd ch from hook
skip next 2 ch's
3 dc & next ch

without turning, ch 3
2 dc & last dc made
3 dc & same ch as 1st 3 dc made

without turning, ch2
dc 8 evenly across triangle side
turn, 5 dc in top of 2nd dc from hook
sl st in 2nd dc from hook
5 dc in top of 2nd dc from hook
sl st in last dc space


Monica N said...

And I received said valentine today in the mail! Its just lovely, thank you! And a happy Valentines day to you too!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I just got your Valentine's card today! Thank you so much. The crochet is beautiful