Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Car Knitting

As I have a 2 hour commute now, you know that I must have some car knitting to go along with it. There are only so many collapsing barns along the route for photo-taking entertainment.

My first car project is the Welsh Blanket in a mosaic stitch from the Debbie Bliss Fall/Winter 2009 issue. The mosaic stitch is new to me and it's like magic! Only one color is knitted at a time, in 2-row sets, slipping the stitches that are to be the other color. Kind of like double-knitting only it doesn't wind up being double-sided. It's slow going on size 6 needles but I have the time!

The best thing about the blanket-knitting so far is that I'm using some of my yarn from Sheep and Wool last October. Sheep and Wool yarn is always tough to break into (I still have some I'm hesitating over from 2008!) but always fun to actually use. The blue is Brooks Farm Willow, 70% wool, 30% bamboo and the cream is Louet Riverstone, 100% wool. I've never used either yarn before but I love them both.

The blanket is about 8 inches long so far. I'll post more (and better) photos when it gets a bit further along.

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