Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bedroom Curtains

The house was festooned throughout with 3 layers of rotting, 1970's frilly, flowered curtains. Which would be okay if the house were not also covered on almost every side by scrubby bush-trees and on the side of a mountain. It was really dark in here. Some of the windows have just had a layer or two removed but, for the bedroom, I decided to finally splurge on the beautiful vintage fabric I'd had my eye on at Brooklyn General (which, luckily, I still work near and so will not have to give up) and make new curtains. They were inspired by this photo from Wiksten on flickr.
I just seamed the fabric and the lining inside out, as if I were sewing a pillow, but left about an inch and a half open at the top of each side seam. I pulled the fabric through to right-side-out through one of these holes, sewed a line straight across from the bottom of one hole to the bottom of the other hole, and put the curtain rod through the tunnel created. Simple!

Also, in honor of finally having a bedroom large enough for 2 nightstands after our 6 ft x 10 ft bedroom in Brooklyn, I purchased my own alarm clock!

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