Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sock Week Day 4

Socks, as much as I like wearing them, don't seem to want to stay put on me. Whether they are short or tall, store bought or handmade, they all fall. This is especially a problem with these pink, linen blend socks I started about a year ago. They're from Handknit Holidays which is a fantastic book. I want to make at least half of the projects in it. I finished the first stocking quickly but then, when it would only stay up for about 3 walking steps, I never finished the second. I think I'm going to finally either get some garters or sew some elastic in to motivate myself to finish the second one.

It is proving exceedingly difficult to find garters that are meant to hold socks up. They all seem to be mostly decorative. Does any one have any other suggestions for keeping over-the-knee-socks from becoming slouch socks or places to get plain garter-type contraptions? Especially as I am working on another pair of tall socks at the moment!

P. S. Just in time for sock week, look what was posted on the purlbee yesterday! I may just have to do a few pairs of these too. I may never want to knit a sock after a few weeks of this mania!

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