Monday, September 22, 2008

Sock Madness Continues!

It has become apparent that one week was not enough for my current obsession. Please bear with me for one more day (and then hopefully I can move on — at least here even if I do suspect that I'll be knitting nothing but socks for a few more months) full of sock links. I MUST share them as I've found some great things pertaining to knee-high socks.

I will definitely have to find some gold sock yarn (other than the koigu from my cowl because, since making some socks from jitterbug that more or less felted on my feet on the first wearing with shoes, I'm paranoid about my sock yarn choices)
Beautiful cashmere yarn for socks (and beautiful socks from the yarn)
One more from knitty
Vintage sock patterns!

And a quick note on heels as concerns the Debbie Bliss pattern:

I had never had a sock pattern before that called for heels made exclusively from short rows, I'd always had patterns using a heel flap. So, on attempting the Debbie Bliss sock as written and winding up with a diagonal row of holes from the heel to the ankle, I've rewritten the pattern and decided that these short row heels are for the birds. If anyone is interested in the new stitch counts, please let me know.


bridgmanpottery said...

I've had several pair of non-superwash socks that have felted at the heels and under the balls of my feet. None of my superwash yarn has done that, though.

marissa said...

oh if I could knit worth anything I'd make tons of socks too, yours look amazing, I'm totally impressed