Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I'm here

I'm sorry to have been away from here for so long. The truth is that I got caught up in the book I was reading (Cold Mountain) and just couldn't seem to put it down. Not even for a few minutes to write a post. But I've finished it now (sadly — I never wanted to finish it!) and am reading a new book (Barchester Towers) which, although still fun to read, is not quite the same distraction. At least I got one of my points on the Read for Fun Challenge out of it (Read in Bed — I didn't even fall asleep!)

The other two points, in case you're wondering, are Wander through a Bookstore (McNally Jackson (formerly known as McNally Robinson) is the mostly lovely store) and Try a New Recipe (I made brownies from the Vermont Beekeepers' Association cookbook last Tuesday and they were VERY tasty — and without sugar! AND I used a cookbook that I bought over a year ago and had yet to use.) This challenge is a lot of fun so far, even if I didn't start it until about 2 months into the summer.

Since I've been away, the deadline for the Art of the Notecard: Gocco Swap has come and gone. I did get all of my cards out on time but never posted anything about them here. So here they are! I lined the envelopes with Snow and Graham paper and did the drawing of a row of brownstones in Brooklyn Heights that caught my attention.

I received a few of my cards in the mail yesterday and am so excited about every one of them. Thank you Sarah for hosting and thanks to Diana and Shannon for the beautiful notecards! I feel inspired to send notes to everyone I know just to pass on the excitement of getting something in the mail. But wasn't that the point?

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