Sunday, July 13, 2008

Casting On

It seems that, as it gets hotter, rather than stopping knitting like most knitters seem to be doing, I am just beginning a wave of casting on. This is how it works: I get excited about a yarn, I think of a potential project, I cast on the project, I knit a few rows, as the project becomes large enough to be a bit cumbersome, I decide that it's too darn hot to be knitting, I put the project away. Until another yarn in my ever-growing stash speaks to me!

This is (maybe) be my version of the Cashmere Cowl No. 2 from purlbee. It's being done with the Koigu Premium Merino (kpm). I hope I finish it because, as unlikely as it seems now, it will one day be cold again and I like the idea of having a cowl AND a scarf that match and I can wear together for the walk to work.

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