Tuesday, June 3, 2008


This post must be started with a love letter to Paper Source. Not only is their "do something creative every day" slogan tempting, it's just the most fun place. Even though I don't have ready access to one of the stores, I still love ordering things from them and thinking of how cute the stores that I've been to are. So I couldn't resist getting one of the paper flower kits.

As I have a wreath for Christmas and one for the fall and the fall one tended to be up all year, I decided that the time has come to have a summer wreath. And thus the paper flowers became a paper flower wreath. And it's so simple! All you do is make the flowers according to the package directions and then fashion the stems into a wreath-shape. And this is my new-and-more-welcoming front door:

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Anonymous said...

Sure is cute! How long did it take to make it?