Wednesday, June 25, 2008


This is going to be about yet another knitting project. I seem to be on a roll. I'm sure I'll have a different kind of needlecraft to talk about again at some point though, so don't give up if you're tired of all of the knitting. At least this one features a lovely alpaca (with her very nice owner)!

This bit will be a sweater. I'm just making it up as I go along and that doesn't always work out so well but I'm hoping that this will be one of the cases where it does. Especially as this project is using some very special yarn. It is from an alpaca named Annabel whom I met at the Sheep and Wool Festival last fall.

Doesn't she look friendly? I did have a picture of myself with her but it is too out of focus so you can just imagine that picture and look at this one with my friend, Thea's, hand in it. And her green bag that is one of her trademarks.

I was on a roll at the festival and bought mostly yarn that I had an idea for or that was fairly practical and it was all appropriated and used within 4 months. Except for Annabel's yarn. Which is just too soft and perfect to be used for just anything but of which I don't have quite enough to make anything big. So I'm worried that I may not have enough for this project but my idea is to make a 3/4 sleeve, black and white striped pullover. Combining Annabel's black with leftover ivory yarn that has been piling up from many projects. My stash is getting fairly out of hand for my New York apartment so I'm fairly proud of the fact that I'm using yarns from it. And Annabel's yarn is getting a proper use. Hopefully.


Aryn said...

I just cast on a project with some yarn I bought from Briar Rose at Rhinebeck last night. And I realized (finally looked at the tag!) that it's 100% alpaca, not wool! That makes it an even better deal than I thought, ha!

Oh and, I just found out that Keith's wedding is the saturday of Sheep and Wool!!! NOOOO! Doesn't he know how to schedule things?? I hope I can still make it up on sunday.

Wonderfallz said...

Yay for having a signature thing. I enjoy the fact that your sweater is White and Black like Annabel. I think I took the picture of you and I have an amazing knack for taking out of focus pictures. It is a talent really.