Thursday, May 15, 2008

Repeating Drawing

This is not the remedial art class that it may sound like. This is a really great project as posted by Julia Rothman, guest blogging on Design*Sponge. You can follow her tutorial here. But the whole guest blog is pretty great so be sure to check it out.

I was so taken with this idea when I read about it yesterday that my husband and I spent all evening drawing and cutting and taping. It's like the MC Escher tesselations in high school geometry class without having to make a shape first and fill your design in within those contstraints!

This one is mine.

I plan to watercolor in the blank spaces and then laminate the design for a placemat. I'd been planning to either make or find some laminated-type (read: not absorbant) placemats and this will just fit the bill!

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Wonderfallz said...

Oh that's brilliant! Darn it, now I want to do that too as if I didn't already have like 80 different craft projects going.