Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pretentious Book Collection

I've lately been seeing a lot about this list on LibraryThing about the top books tagged unread by their users. It apparently started as the Top 106 and has since grown but I'll go with the 106 as that is what is in the meme around the blogs. This has given me quite a kick this morning as it turns out that I have a VERY pretentious book collection and it is funny to me to be labeled that way by some thing floating around the internet. So I thought I would, for my own further amusement, catalog all of the books in my collection which appear on this list (there are 40).

The best part about the whole thing though, I think, are the much more pretentious books appearing on my bookshelves at the edges of the photos. And the multiple copies that I own of some of the books. Some of the titles are my favorites and I have gathered multiples in my 12+ years of book collecting. I do have to say, in my own defense, between my husband and myself, we have read nearly all of these books. I'm sorry that the photos are so dark -- some of the books were in such dark rooms that they had to be moved to have their portraits taken.

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